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Maryjane spoke with Nugget a rescue horse with no info provided by me except for a photo of the horse. Her reply after conversing with Nugget was astounding. She mentioned his concern not to have his teeth worked on. (when he came he was sedated for extreme dental work-part of the reason for his emaciated state was he couldn't eat.). Secondly she hit he liked yellow apples. And more info followed. I was amazed that she also spoke to a pet who passed from me when I was younger. I have since sent her more pet photo's and anticipate her conversations with them.

Maryjane also has helped my friend Regina who runs a hooved animal rescue and has helped her with the animals. I feel this woman's compassion for animals and her gift of communication is well worth exploring if you need to know your pet better.

Patricia Lee



When my six-year old cat went off his feed for about three days, the first person I thought to contact was Maryjane. I knew of her experiences with animal communication. She contacted me very quickly, and said Sam was very uncomfortable in his abdominal region. It hurt to even try to go to the bathroom. I tried giving him pumpkin to get rid of any constipation. When that didn't clear everything up, I contacted the vet who diagnosed a kidney infection. If Maryjane hadn't communicated with Sam and left me know the urgency of his illness, I would have probably left it go for another day or two thinking he just had some "bug". That may very well have been too late for my friend, Sam.

I am very impressed with the way she was able to tune in to my cat. I am also very grateful for her quick help.

R. Paden


I am a wild songbird rehabilitator and have used animal communicators in the past as well as energy healers. Maryjane has spoken to several animals I admitted in the past month and has helped me immensely with knowing the decision in treatment is what the animal wants. Their passing is easier knowing they are ready and want to go. When speaking to my pets she has said the same things that other communicators have said without my divulging that I had used someone else on that particular animal. She is as good as the best I have used and is much more accessible. I know that her intentions are very sincere. I highly recommend her and will continue to use her with the wild birds and also my beloved pets which include horses, dogs, cats, and birds.

Beth McMaster

Wildbird Recovery


Maryjane is able to look at things from the Animals point of view.  This communication helps you understand your  companion animals.  If you’ve ever wondered what your  animal companion thinks about, Maryjane is the person to contact, her insight is truly amazing!


Gretchen Weslager

Windy Ridge Wildlife Refuge