Preparing for a consultation

To contact us:

Phone: 724-636-0071

Fax: 775-890-3130


Helpful hints when preparing for a Phone Consultation:

You may save time and e-mail me in advance the names and descriptions of the animals you are planning to connect with.  You may also e-mail a photo though it’s not necessary.  It helps if you prepare a list of questions ahead of time that you would like to ask your animal. Some examples of frequently asked questions are:

· How does my animal's body feel, does anything hurt?

· What are his/her likes and dislikes?

· If there anything that you need/want?

· What is your life purpose?

· What do you enjoy doing most?

· Do you have a message or advice for me?

· How does your saddle, shoes,

· Do you like your kennel, barn, training classes, instructor, sitter, walker, groomer, etc.

· Do you have any advice for me in the way that I ride, train etc.?

· Is my animal ready to pass on?

· Does my animal want a companion?

It helps to note that having an open mind during the consultation will allow the animal to communicate to me more freely and enable the consultation to flow better. Your feedback and input during the consultation is always welcome and adds valuable energy to the process and also allows you to take an active role in the conversation with your animal(s). If your animal is having a health problem, be as explicit as possible with your questions. You may want to ask if the pain is better or worse after treatment, is the medication helping, where does it hurt, etc. The more specific your questions, the more precise the answers. Animals are a lot like people - if you ask them how they are, often they'll just say fine. If you ask them about their back, they’ll tell you “it hurts when I try to lay down”.


For e-mail consultations:

In your e-mail, list each animal separately, start with a name and description of the animal so I can visualize them.  You may also send a photo but it is not necessary for the communication.  List each question you want to ask each animal.  I will send you a return e-mail with a detailed description of the communication that I had with your animal friend.


What not to expect from a consultation:

I am not a veterinarian, and cannot diagnose illness or prescribe medications. What I can do is describe to you symptoms of what the animal feels/sends to me which can be used to assist your veterinarian or chiropractor. Good veterinary care is always recommended.  I also do not attempt to locate missing animals at this time.


All consultations are conducted with compassion and respect to promote healing, harmony and growth of the mind, body and spirit. My goal as an animal communicator is to bridge the gap between humans and animals to provide understanding and awareness.