To Make an Appointment:


You can call 724-636-0071 to make a phone consultation appointment.  Appointments generally are within 2 weeks of your call.  If you have an emergency, we will do our best to get your appointment in as quickly as possible however the emergency rate will apply.


You mail also e-mail us at to schedule an e-mail consultation or a phone consultation.  Please call us if it’s an emergency as we may not get to the computer to check e-mails frequently enough to get your message.




Phone consultations are $25 for a 15 minute session in which you may ask as many questions about as many different animals as we can fit into that time.  You may combine up to 4 sessions at one time for a total of 1 hour for $100.


E-mail consultations are $25 for up to 3 animals with up to 5 questions each animal.  I will e-mail you with my communication.  You may ask questions about my communication with the animal at $2.50 per question.


Emergencies are $35 for up to 15 minutes.


Distance Reiki Healing session is $25.


Payment is to be made by mailing a check or paying online with Paypal after the communication.  Proceeds from my communications with your animal friends goes to the care of injured and orphaned wildlife at Skye’s Spirit Wildlife Rehabilitation & Education Center. 


Mail Checks to:

Maryjane Angelo

889 Farren Surrena Road

Harrisville, PA  16038


Making an appointment

To contact us:

Phone: 724-636-0071

Fax: 775-890-3130


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